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There's more to Indonesia than liveaboard diving, the creature life on land matches the diversity of the marine life underwater, discover the magic of Indonesia ...More details
Whether on a liveaboard or at a resort in the Maldives you are only an inch away from the magical marine life including blue spotted rays, eagle rays and manta rays in abundance ... More details

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Asia Pacific

Liveaboard Diving in Thailand
Liveaboard Diving in Indonesia
Liveaboard Diving in Malaysia
Liveaboard Diving in Burma

South Asia

Liveaboard Diving in The Maldives
Liveaboard Diving in the Andaman Islands


Asia Pacific

Thailand Liveaboards

White Manta - Liveaboard
Giamani - Liveaboard
Scuba Explorer - Liveaboard
Oktavia - Liveaboard
Diva Andaman - Liveaboard
Panunee - Liveaboard
Nautica - Liveaboard
Colona - Liveaboard
Deep Andaman Queen - Liveaboard
Divemaster - Liveaboard
Dive Race - Liveaboard
Peter Pan - Liveaboard
The Junk - Liveaboard
Le Mahe - Liveaboard
Somboon III - Liveaboard
Somboon IV - Liveaboard

Indonesia Liveaboards
Mermaid I - Liveaboard
Panunee - Liveaboard
Mermaid II - Liveaboard
Dewi-Nusantara - Liveaboard
Mandarin Siren - Liveaboard
Samata - Liveaboard
Black Manta - Liveaboard
Komodo Dancer - Liveaboard

Malaysia Liveaboards
White Manta - Liveaboard
Divemaster - Liveaboard
Dive Race - Liveaboard

Burma Liveaboards

Nautica - Liveaboard
Giamani - Liveaboard
Panunee - Liveaboard

South Asia Liveaboards

Maldives Liveaboards

Carpe Diem - Liveaboard
Carpe Vita - Liveaboard
Honors Legacy - Liveaboard
Maldives Siren - Liveaboard
MV Sachika - Liveaboard
Maldivian Dream - Liveaboard
MV Eagle Ray - Liveaboard
MV Orion - Liveaboard
Princess Ushwa - Liveaboard
Stingray - Liveaboard
Ocean Dancer - Liveaboard
Maldives Aggressor - Liveaboard

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