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Maldives Aggressor - Liveaboard

Experience the best scuba diving in the north and south atolls on board the Maldives Aggressor liveaboard. Discover the amazing destination of the Maldives, book now with Agent Liveaboard. The liveaboard can accommodate 20 guests in total within its 10 staterooms. All staterooms are comfortably furnished, air-conditioned and have private en-suite facilities.

The Maldives Aggressor has a beautiful spacious salon and a photo / video center. The sundeck has shading, chaise lounges and deck chairs the perfect location to take in the beauty of the Maldives. The bar and grill area are definitely a divers favorite!

The Maldives Aggressor offers the services of a "photo pro" who is available for free coaching with the liveaboard rental equipment, perfect for the novice underwater photographer. For the more advanced you will find a complete digital photo facility including a computer dedicated for downloading photos. Photo equipment is available to rent separately or as a complete set up.

Agent Liveaboard verdict: A beautiful spacious liveaboard with great amenities. The Maldives Aggressor is a firm photographer's favorite.

Sunday - Sunday Charter Sample

Day 1: Guests are met at the Male Airport at 4:00 pm for transfer to the Maldives Aggressor.
Day 2,3,4,5,6: Eat, Sleep and Dive.
Day 7: Diving in the morning, return to port after lunch. Cocktail party 6 pm, dinner 7 pm ashore at a local restaurant.
Day 8: Checkout time is between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

North Malé, South Malé, Felidoo Atolls

SUNDAY: Boarding 5:00 p.m.

MONDAY: Kuda Giri Wreck, steel wreck lying upright at 65 feet. Guraidhoo
Corner, Sharks, Eagle Rays, Napoleon Wrasse and reef fish.
TUESDAY: Kandooma Thila, dense schools of Jacks, Trevally and Snapper,
large outcroppings with brilliant soft corals. Guraidhoo Corner, Sharks,
Eagle Rays, schooling Bannerfish, Tuna, schooling Fusilier. Cocoa Corner,
many caves and overhangs, Turtles and Black Snapper. Medhu Faru, sea
fans, soft corals, Barracuda and Sharks.
WEDNESDAY: Guraidhoo Corner, Sharks, Eagle Rays, Napoleon Wrasse,
and reef fish. Miyaru Kandu, White-tip and Black-tip Sharks, cave at 108
feet is home to Grey Reef Sharks. Fotteyo, a photographer's paradise, overhangs
and cave ceilings are covered in soft coral, hard corals, Sharks, Titan
Triggerfish, schools of Sweetlips, a remarkable dive.
THURSDAY: Fotteyo, it's worth diving again! Rakeedhoo Kandu, a deep
channel with coral terraces on the channel walls, lots of pelagics. Vattaru
Kandu, large sea fans, Black Coral trees, occasional Leopard Sharks,
schools of Fusilier, Turtles and Manta Rays.
FRIDAY: Mulaku Kandu, currents can be strong, but it attracts giant Trevally,
Tuna, Great Barracuda, White-tip and Black-tip Sharks and Turtles.
Rakeedhoo Kandu. Ambara Thila, hundreds of anemones, excellent hard
corals, White-tip Sharks. Kudiboli Kandu, a corner with a cave at 82 feet,
beautiful soft corals, White-tip and Black-tip Sharks.
SATURDAY: Guraidhoo Corner. Embudhoo Express, on a swift incoming
current, pelagics, like Eagle Rays and Napoleon Wrasse are drawn to the
channel. The 270-foot freighter, Victory Wreck, lies upright at 110 feet,
nudibranches and stony corals. Manta Point, a Manta Ray cleaning station,
when the cleaning is complete, they swoop down to the reef feeding on
Zooplankton. Afternoon: snorkeling and visit to Malé.
SUNDAY: 7:00 a.m.- 8:00 a.m. Check Out. Day rooms available for up to 12 hours.

Ari Atoll

SUNDAY: Boarding 5:00 p.m.
MONDAY: Rasdhoo-Madivaru, one of the most spectacular reef formations in the Ari Atoll, a narrow spur extends out like a suspension bridge; Hammerheads
Sharks, Manta Rays, schooling Barracuda, Trevally and much more.
TUESDAY: Madivaru-Hammerheads. Ukulhas Thila, a long narrow pinnacle,
Manta Ray cleaning station, schools of Fusilier, Moray Eeels, Grouper, Sharks.
Miyaruga Thila, in the middle of the reef, there are two tunnels, Fusiliers
pass through the tunnels in large schools, soft corals and colorful sponges,
Napoleon Wrasse.
WEDNESDAY: Maaya Thila, considered the White-tip Shark capital of the
Maldives, many caves and outcroppings, Lionfish, Moorish Idols, Dog-toothed
Tuna, Blue-face Angelfish, Clown Triggerfish, lush soft corals and huge
gorgonians. Halaveli Wreck, a 124-foot cargo vessel, large stingrays, Moray Eels,
nice corals on the telegraph mast. Orimas Thila, lots of caves and crevices, a patch
of Sea Anemones on the eastern side at 50 feet, reef tops have Staghorn, and
Table Coral.
THURSDAY: Fish Head, a large isolated flat-top reef, large schools of Grey Reef
Sharks. Maalhoss Thila, also called "Blue Caves," a series of caves, the cave
ceilings are covered in white and blue soft corals.
FRIDAY: Panettone, sharks, Barracuda, Giant Trevally, brilliant soft corals and sea
fans, Turtles, Manta Rays, many reef fish such as Starry Rabbitfish. Bulhaa Lhohi
Caves, great reef for divers and snorkellers, one cave at 52 feet, has a swim-through
to another cave, sea fans and featherstars. Madivaru-Manta Reef, feeding Mantas,
Napoleon Wrasse, Basslets, Midnight Snapper and Parrotfish.
SATURDAY: Maamigili Faru, The reef on the outer corner of Maamigili is a shallow
platform that extend to the outer atoll rim, Sharks, Grouper, Stingrays, turtles and
even Whale Sharks. Kudarah Thila, great expanses of large sea fans, Grey and
White-tip Sharks, Rainbow Runner, Great Barracuda, Tuna and other pelagics.
Broken Rock, a canyon slices through the reef, Turtles, Fusilier, Tall fin Batfish,
schools of Barracuda and soft corals. Afternoon: snorkeling and visit to Malé.
SUNDAY: 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. Check Out. Day rooms available for up to 12 hours.

Different itineraries are offered on the Maldives Aggressor, including 9/10 day charters.
Due to the seasons, itineraries may vary from week to week.
Period Cabin Price
Deluxe Cabin Larger Twin Cabin Twin Cabin
Oct. 15, 2010 - Jan. 1, 2012 $2,635 $2,535 $2,435
Jan. 1, 2012 - Dec. 29, 2012 $2,835 $2,735 $2,635

Maldives Fees & Taxes (per person)
The Maldives Government charges a bed tax of $8 US per person per day and a tourist tax of $90 per person which is collected at the end of the week when you settle your bill. (MasterCard/Visa, US dollars, Travelers Checks or Rufiyaa are accepted).

Rates are based on double occupancy.
All prices quoted USD.
Rates are subject to change without notice.
Single Supplement rate is 1½ times the above rate if an individual traveler prefers a private room.


  • Accommodations aboard the vessel
  • Diving - Compressed air tanks, weights & weight belts
  • Airport and/or Hotel transfers on day of charter
  • All meals and snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, local beer and wine


  • Airfare (international and domestic)
  • Insurance
  • Equipment rentals
  • Nitrox fills
  • Certification or specialty courses
  • Hotel stays/day rooms
  • Dinner on final evening
  • Crew gratuity
  • Port/park fees and/or taxes (when applicable)
April 2011
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
17 Apr 24 Apr 7/6 Male Maldives
24 Apr 1 May 7/6 Male Maldives

May 2011
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
29 May 5 Jun 7/6 Male Maldives

June 2011
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
5 Jun 12 Jun 7/6 Male Maldives
12 Jun 19 Jun 7/6 Male Maldives
29 Jun 26 Jun 7/6 Male Maldives
26 Jun 3 Jul 7/6 Male Maldives

July 2011
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
3 Jul 10 Jul 7/6 Male Maldives
10 Jul 17 Jul 7/6 Male Maldives
24 Jul 31 Jul 7/6 Male Maldives
31 Jul 7 Aug 7/6 Male Maldives

August 2011
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
7 Aug 14 Aug 7/6 Male Maldives
14 Aug 21 Aug 7/6 Male Maldives
21 Aug 28 Aug 7/6 Male Maldives
28 Aug 7 Sep 10/9 Male Maldives

September 2011
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
8 Sep 18 Sep 10/9 Male Maldives
18 Sep 28 Sep 10/9 Male Maldives
28 Sep 8 Oct 10/9 Male Maldives

October 2011
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
9 Oct 16 Oct 7/6 Male Maldives
23 Oct 30 Oct 7/6 Male Maldives
30 Oct 6 Nov 7/6 Male Maldives

December 2011
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
4 Dec 11 Dec 7/6 Male Maldives
11 Dec 18 Dec 7/6 Male Maldives
18 Dec 25 Dec 7/6 Male Maldives
25 Dec 1 Jan 7/6 Male Maldives

January 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
1 Jan 8 Jan 7/6 Male Maldives
8 Jan 15 Jan 7/6 Male Maldives
15 Jan 22 Jan 7/6 Male Maldives
22 Jan 29 Jan 7/6 Male Maldives
29 Jan 5 Feb 7/6 Male Maldives

February 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
5 Feb 12 Feb 7/6 Male Maldives
12 Feb 19 Feb 7/6 Male Maldives
19 Feb 26 Feb 7/6 Male Maldives
26 Feb 4 Mar 7/6 Male Maldives

March 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
4 Mar 11 Mar 7/6 Male Maldives
11 Mar 18 Mar 7/6 Male Maldives
18 Mar 25 Mar 7/6 Male Maldives
25 Mar 1 Apr 7/6 Male Maldives

April 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
1 Apr 8 Apr 7/6 Male Maldives
8 Apr 15 Apr 7/6 Male Maldives
15 Apr 22 Apr 7/6 Male Maldives
22 Apr 29 Apr 7/6 Male Maldives
29 Apr 6 May 7/6 Male Maldives

May 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
6 May 13 May 7/6 Male Maldives
13 May 20 May 7/6 Male Maldives
20 May 27 May 7/6 Male Maldives
27 May 3 Jun 7/6 Male Maldives

June 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
3 Jun 10 Jun 7/6 Male Maldives
10 Jun 17 Jun 7/6 Male Maldives
17 Jun 24 Jun 7/6 Male Maldives
24 Jun 1 Jul 7/6 Male Maldives

July 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
1 Jul 8 Jul 7/6 Male Maldives
8 Jul 15 Jul 7/6 Male Maldives
15 Jul 22 Jul 7/6 Male Maldives
22 Jul 29 Jul 7/6 Male Maldives
29 Jul 5 Aug 7/6 Male Maldives

August 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
5 Aug 12 Aug 7/6 Male Maldives
12 Aug 19 Aug 7/6 Male Maldives
19 Aug 26 Aug 7/6 Male Maldives
26 Aug 2 Sep 7/6 Male Maldives

September 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
2 Sep 9 Sep 7/6 Male Maldives
9 Sep 16 Sep 7/6 Male Maldives
16 Sep 23 Sep 7/6 Male Maldives
23 Sep 30 Sep 7/6 Male Maldives

October 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
30 Sep 7 Oct 7/6 Male Maldives
7 Oct 14 Oct 7/6 Male Maldives
14 Oct 21 Oct 7/6 Male Maldives
21 Oct 28 Oct 7/6 Male Maldives
28 Oct 4 Nov 7/6 Male Maldives

November 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
4 Nov 11 Nov 7/6 Male Maldives
11 Nov 18 Nov 7/6 Male Maldives
18 Nov 25 Nov 7/6 Male Maldives
25 Nov 2 Dec 7/6 Male Maldives

December 2012
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
2 Dec 9 Dec 7/6 Male Maldives
9 Dec 16 Dec 7/6 Male Maldives
16 Dec 23 Dec 7/6 Male Maldives
23 Dec 30 Dec 7/6 Male Maldives
30 Dec 6 Jan 7/6 Male Maldives

January 2013
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
6 Jan 13 Jan 7/6 Male Maldives
13 Jan 20 Jan 7/6 Male Maldives
20 Jan 27 Jan 7/6 Male Maldives
27 Jan 3 Feb 7/6 Male Maldives

February 2013
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
3 Feb 10 Feb 7/6 Male Maldives
17 Feb 24 Feb 7/6 Male Maldives
24 Feb 3 Mar 7/6 Male Maldives

March 2013
Departs Return Nights/Days Port Route
3 Mar 10 Mar 7/6 Male Maldives
10 Mar 17 Mar 7/6 Male Maldives
17 Mar 24 Mar 7/6 Male Maldives
Steel Construction
Length: 115 feet
Beam: 26 feet
Draft: 9 feet
Cruising Speed: 12 knots
Range: motor sailer / unlim
Year Built: 2009
Staterooms: 10
Passengers: 20

Boat Layout

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